Career Profile

Solutions-driven programmer with a three-year track record of commended performance in modular and object-oriented programming. Well-versed in all phases of the software development lifecycle & Agile practices, with a well built working knowledge of algorithms and data structures.


Software Engineer - CTI

2016 - Present
ExpertFlow LLC, Pakistan

Product Technical Owner/Lead developer of EF Siebel CTI Connector for Cisco Finesse integration using Siebel Communications API. Responsible for further development, maintenance and deployment support for EF Siebel CTI Connector. Modifications in Siebel Communications Panel (IP2015) [video].

Product Technical Owner/Lead developer of Media Routing Engine for Cisco UCCX. Responsible for development, documentation, maintenance and deployment support.

Part of dev team working on Expertflow Chat Solution, involved in design, code, documentation and deployment support of EF Chat Server & Media Routing Engine. Involved in Chat Bot(s) integration for Hybrid Chat (Customer – Bot – Agent) design. Developer of Agent Chat Gadget for EF Chat Server.

R&D about Cisco Contact Center products (mostly UCCX), including feasibility to develop SocialMiner Chat & Email Wrap-up support in EF Wrap-Up Gadget.

R&D about CTI Integration with Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise one, BMC Remedy with Smart IT, Oracle R12 E-Business Suite, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk and Siebel Communications Panel integration with Chat. Documentation about Technical Feasibility and integration possibilities.

Integration of un-managed dll in managed C# app & in Java EE app via JNI for security purposes.

Software Engineer

2015 - 2016
PolyVista, Pakistan

Worked as a part of Classification & Clustering team for NLP applications.

Configuration and evaluation of different libraries and tools related to NLP domain.

Up-gradation of PolyVista Text Analytics Engine and implementation of various algorithms for Analytics Engine’s features.

Development of a web based Text Analytics software DataLookSee Engine and self-service app Polyvista Self Service Text Analytics Engine.


Following list states projects which I have worked on during my professional carrier

Siebel CTI Connector - The embedded CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Connector provides call and agent state controls within the Siebel Communication Toolbar, eliminating the need for agents to switch between applications.
Media Routing Engine for Cisco UCCX - MR Engine routes non-voice tasks (chat, email social media comments and messages) to the most relevant CCX agents while the CCX engine continues to route voice calls as per the Skills, CSQs configured in UCCX; in integration with a variety of market-leading CRMs such as Siebel, SAP, and Microsoft in collaboration with Expertflow/third-party CRM Connectors.
Chat Framework For Cisco Unified Contact Center - Expertflow's chat framework allows you to unify chats from customers (FB Messenger, Mobile or WebChat, SMS,..), agents (Slack, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Teams, CRM-specific that tool, Expertflow's multi-chat Finesse Gadget, Cisco ECE Chat,..) and bots (IBM Watson, Microsoft LUIS, Google DialogFlow,,..) handoff a Customer-Bot chat to a contact center agent, a bot can suggest answers to an agent that is chatting with multiple clients (hybrid chat)
Wrap-up & Call Tagging Finesse Gadget - Chat & Email Wrap-up support - Wrapup Gadget allows CC Agents to apply wrap-ups for chat and email conversations in addition to Call Wrap-up. The workflow for chat and email is: The agent selects an Interaction Type (Chat, Email, Voice). The agent selects a category and relevant disposition code/wrapup. Chat/Email session will be automatically selected for a single session. In case of multiple sessions, a drop-down list will be available for an agent with all of his active sessions, and he can select the relevant session before applying the wrap-up. Wrap-up data will be pushed to the database along with the customer information. (Customer needs to specify which variable to be used for customer identification, e.g. email address). If an agent doesn’t select wrap-up during chat/email handling, agent state will be changed to Not-Ready.
DataLookSee - Data Looksee™ gives the freedom to explore and analyze the data as customers want. Valuable insights that are easy to harness and share.
PolyVista Self Service Text Analytics - PolyVista SSA introduces a faster and easier way to analyze free-form text data, just upload the data and system will email iPDF analytics report.


Programming Languages


Visual C++ toolset-V90, toolset-V140

Angular 2,4,5

Angular CLI, Typescript


Node.js 8.0+ with TypeScript, Express


Java EE 7,8


.NET backend dev, wpf, linq, Windows Forms



Apache ActiveMQ JMS & CMS, Apache Kafka

Socket Communication, Zero MQ


Unit Tests

JUnit, Mocha + Chae (Node.js + Typescript), Googletest (VC++)


OATS, OpenScript Functional & Load Test Scripts (Web)



MSSQL Server (T-SQL)





Cisco DevNet Sandbox, Cisco dCloud, Azure Cognitive Services, Google Firebase


Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, JIRA, Visual Studio Team Foundation Services, Google Calendar


NGINX Reverse Proxy


Advanced Installer, Docker (CentOS)